How To Use Your Nouvella Nail Wraps

1 –Firstly remove any nail polish and carefully push back the cuticle.
2 –Use a nail file to shape the nail tip.
3 - Use a nail buffer to remove all surface shine and give an even surface.
4 - Select the wrap nearest to your cuticle size, and trim with nail scissors for an exact fit, being   careful not to handle the adhesive side to be used on your nail.
5 –Holding the wrap, apply heat from a hairdryer or UV Lamp until the wrap is hot, soft and pliable.
6 - Place the wrap at the edge of the cuticle, making sure it isn’t touching or overlapping.

Please note it’s important to keep the wrap hot and pliable throughout application, heating between each step to re-activate the adhesive.

7 - While the wrap is hot, press it down onto one side of the nail. Re-heat before pressing it down onto  the other side of the nail, working horizontally.
8 – Re-heat and smooth over the entire nail for a secure fit. If there is a crease; re-heat, lift, and              re-apply.
9 – Once smoothed, re-heat and carefully pull the excess wrap over the filed nail edge so that the    nail edge shape and be seen through the wrap.
10- File off the excess wrap at the end of the nail in a downward motion.

Follow these steps and you’ll get a perfect manicure guaranteed to get you noticed!

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